You’ve Got the Shop, Now to Get the Money

Back in the day, barbershops were owned and operated by men for the sole reason of shaving or trimming down a man’s beard. Barber, surprisingly enough, comes from the Latin word that means “beard.” Today, there is still definitely that service to men, but there are also other services as well. Coloring, trimming, and styling hair is also performed inside of barbershops now, and catered to both men and women.

Do you want to start making money? Make sure that you found a location where there is not much nearby competition, and that it hits your target market. For instance, if you are setting up a barbershop that specializes in children haircuts, you want to find an area that would attract parents to bring their kids. Being close to an elementary school would work for that situation.

To keep the money coming, ensure you are following any and all requirements put forth by the state. This may mean having a proper airflow through the shop so clients don’t have to breathe in any chemicals from different hair products, or keeping disinfectant containers near each chair in the shop. If customers notice you aren’t staying up to code, they most likely will not return for their own well-being. So keep those instruments sterilized by cleaning after each use, and sweeping up all that dirt and hair from the floor to keep your barbershop in the most immaculate state possible.

But wait, there’s more opportunity! It cannot be stressed enough that you only hire licensed barbers to work in your shop. Not only that, but they should be a great people person, and have awesome customer service skills. When you hire barbers like this, not only are you adding a valuable asset to your team, but someone who will guarantee repeat business by building relationships with your customers. Good, old loyalty.

The next couple steps may cost money, but the return on investment could be a huge payoff for you and your business. Advertise your shop in your local newspaper or even radio station, fliers are even a great way to spread awareness. Checking with your county and looking to place and ad in the next telephone book is also a great way to pull in new customers. To really get business going, advertising campaigns are going to be needed, so plan for this.

Another point of interest in building a client book for your business is once again social media. Creating a website and collecting some basic data from your customers or potential clients is a great way to start. Get some e-mail addresses and send out a newsletter once or twice a month to inform your customers on beauty and hairstyle trends, as well as adding in valuable coupons they can redeem. It can bring them back in to your shop and make them think they are getting what they paid for. Again, don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter, as you can use these to do contests or talk about new services your shop will begin offering. You can even get feedback and have a conversation with your customers. All in all, this will help you build that base and reach that profit margin you are looking for!