Electric vs. Manual Shaving: Electric Shaving

When it comes to getting the best shave, there are many products on the market to help you get there. Today we’ll discuss one of the different types of shaving tools that most commonly used for home shaving and their pros and cons.

Let’s start with Electric Shavers.

These can be found at most retail health and beauty stores, as well as cosmetic and drug stores. These are commonly seen in salons for shaving down beards and for cutting down large amounts of hair away from the scalp. They often come with attachments to customize the length in which it trims down the hair it is being used against. While this is great for hair, these attachments won’t be used when it comes to getting the clean-shaven look. Here is what you want to consider when it comes to using an electric shaver.

Faster shave: An electric shaver requires less time to use. This tool can be primarily be used for dry shaves which can cut down the time it takes to apply shaving cream and any aftershave you might need. There is also less of a need to go over areas more than one time, giving you the chance to finish you shave in record time.
Portable: Electric shavers can come with a cord as well as cordless. Both are still highly portable and can be a space saver when you’re traveling as you won’t need all of the extra items you would need for a wet shave.
Versatility:  While this tool works great on short facial hair, it has so many other uses. This includes full beards, sideburns, and the hair on your head. If you aren’t against the idea, this tool can be shared with your significant other for her leg and underarm hair, reducing the amount of money you might spend on a second shaver for her.
Reduces Nicks and Cuts:  A great benefit for facial hair shavers new and old is that electric shavers reduce the amount of cuts and nicks in your skin. They also cut down on the amount of ingrown hair but they might not totally eliminate the razor burn so you’ll have to keep an eye on that.
Wet Shave Capable: Now, the ability to do this might vary from product to product but if you have a preference for using shaving cream, there are some brands that offer a safe option for this.

Not A Close Shave: The biggest downside that turns a lot of men off of an electric shaver for facial hair shaving is that it doesn’t give you the close shave a manual razor provides. The blades of an electric shaver do not get close enough to the skin because of the added protection installed for use on other hairy areas.
Takes Practice: This might not be something you want to hear, but using an electric shaver can take some getting used to. It isn’t used entirely the same as a manual shaver and you might have some added skin irritation as a result. This will be lessened over time as you become more familiar with how this tool works with your skin.
Not Waterproof: Unlike manual shavers, most electric shavers cannot be used in the shower. Now, this isn’t to say there aren’t waterproof models out there, but most of the time this tool isn’t one you’ll want to take in the shower with you. Besides, unless you keep a mirror in your shower, there’s no guarantee your shave is even until you get out anyway.
High Maintenance: While you won’t have to worry about replacement cartridges, shaving cream, and aftershave, there are still items that will need to be maintained in order to keep this tool in optimal condition. The blades inside the tool will need to change from time to time as they can also get dull. These replacements can cost more than you might think.
Wait Times: Now, I know it was mentioned that this tool is a huge time saver, and it is, trusts me. However, if you get an electric shaver that needs to be charged, there will come a time that the battery will die on you and it is going to be frustrating. Fear not, a lof times they only need five minutes on a charging dock to get you back in motion but it will still be five more minutes than you were expecting to spend.

So, there you have it. The pros and cons of an electric shaver. As always, you want to carefully consider what will work better for you and the look you are going for. There are many different options on the market and there might be something better suited to you.