Electric vs Manual: Manual

, we discussed the pros and cons of electric shaving. Electric shavers are faster and more versatile but they are also higher in cost and won’t give you as close of a shave. This time we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of traditional, manual shaving.


Easy to Use
One of the greatest conveniences of a handheld, manual razor is how easy it is to use. There is no need to plug them in, there are no attachments to worry about, and they are accessible from just about any store that sells hygiene products. It is often the first tool men are given to begin their shaving journey and for some, it’s seen as a right of passage for those newly gifted with facial hair.
Closer Shave
Manual razors are the best way to get the closest shave you can possibly get when shaving at home. There are no guards or thick blades to prevent the blades of the razor from fully reaching your skin. This means you can look forward to having a cleaner looking shave that lasts longer.
Easily Replaced
Unlike with electric shaving devices, manual shaving tools are much more easy to replace. You can go to almost any store that sells hygiene products and you will very likely find shaving razors. The cost of replacing them is much less expensive than buying replacement parts for an electric shaver. While there are disposable options, you can also opt for replaceable razor heads- all of which are cheaper than replacing an entire electric shaving tool.
Products are Easier to Find
On top of being easily replaced, the products that you would need to achieve a great shave are also easy to find. You can readily find shaving cream and aftershave where you find your razors as they are commonly found together in most stores. Often times you can even find bundles of shaving products together, making getting everything you need in one trip quicker than before.
Easy Travel Care
When traveling, the last thing you want to have to worry about is toting around your electric shaver. Sure, it’s easy to use but without an outlet, you’re out of luck on getting your shave in. With a manual razor, you are saving space since the razor is small. Keep in mind, though, that you will have to make room for your shaving cream and aftershave. Luckily these all come in convenient travel sizes. Manual razors are also much easier to keep clean on the go.


Time Consuming
The process for shaving with a manual razor is a little more time consuming than with an electric shaver. There is an involved routine each time you break out the razor, which for some men could mean a daily thing. Between wetting your face, applying shaving cream and actually shaving, you have to carve out a portion of your getting ready routine to dedicate to this process. For some, this is easy as they have no qualms making the time. However, there are men that don’t have that kind of time and prefer the ease of an electric razor.
Risk of Nicks, Cuts, and Ingrown Hairs
Shaving can be a dangerous task if you aren’t careful. The blades on your razor can cause nicks and cuts that might be noticeable if they are bad enough. Using this shaving method can also cause ingrown hairs if you shave over the same spot more than one time. These can be painful and unsightly. This can be avoided by using a sharp blade and a lot of practice over time.
Gets Dull Quicker
An unfortunate side effect of using a manual razor is how fast they get dull. Unfortunately, a lot of them are made this way to get you to buy more quicker. Thankfully these products can be cheap to replace and will be plenty sharp to give you that close, fresh shave.
Require a Wet Shave
One mistake you will want to avoid making is dry shaving with a manual razor. This is a quick way to get cuts and nicks all over your face. Using water only will help remove the friction but it won’t help avoid the cuts and potential ingrown hairs. Using shaving cream will provide you with the best chance to avoid unseemly facile accidents.

So while manual shaving tools might take a little more time and product, you’ll get a closer shave with a tool that is easy to use. As there are many things to consider when choosing your method, make sure you do your research and make the choice that suits your needs.