Crack a Cold One with Your Grooming Products

Do you feel like you don’t have enough beer in your day? There’s a solution for that that doesn’t include spending your time and money at a bar or drinking at home. Instead, you can have a beer during your morning or evening shower. I’m not talking about an actual drink, though. There are products on the market now made with beer components and they are actually good for you! The science behind it has concluded that the barley, hops, and yeast all contain protein and vitamin B that add fullness and shine to hair. On top of looking great, you’ll also smell great too! These products come in scents you’re probably already using with the additional option for non-scented products.

I’m sure most beer connoisseurs have heard of Carlsberg. If you haven’t, Carlsberg controls over 8% of the global beer market. In the last year or so this company has decided that, instead of just beer, they were going to dive into the world of grooming products. As of now, their line only extends to shampoo, conditioner, and body wash but it is made with the same recipe as their beer formula, just with some modifications so you aren’t pouring a bottle of beer over your head every wash. Each container of your choice in product is supposed to contain 0.5liters of actual Carlsberg beer. If you’re interested in purchasing some of these products, they can be bought from their website located here.

Damn Handsome Old-School is another brand throwing its name into the ring with their all natural products. This brand was started by a husband and wife team who loved beer and found themselves in one of the largest brewing cities once they relocated to Portland, Oregon. The couple found that, during the brewing process, there was a lot of waste that included the oats, hops, and barley and those could be refashioned into all natural grooming products. On top of not letting good things go to waste, this company also does good by giving soap to those in need with every purchase. More about this company and their products can be found on their website.

BRÖÖ is another brand founded by a husband and wife team. They too saw the potential in the natural waste created during the brewing process of beer and decided to use it. They offer a wide range of grooming products from hair care to skin care. They offer products for both men and women as well. On top of product listings, their website offers a list of the ingredients used in those products so you always know what you’re putting on your body. This brand also offers a promise that for every purchase, they will donate to clean water initiative around the world.

Craftsman Soap Co was founded by Evan Worthington after he started making soap for himself and his family. It was during a soap making session with his sister that the idea of making soap infused with beer came to fruition. It took months of hard work but he was able to create his signature products with the perfect recipes and techniques, giving him the perfect opportunity to start up his own soap company. Now, if you opt to purchase anything from their online store you won’t find shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soaps. Instead, you’ll find bar soaps, oils, and shaving products.